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Homemade spicy and yummy potato chips

Welcome to the recipe saga. Here a perfect tea time snack for all potato lovers. Homemade Potato chips are very healthy snacks. There is nothing better than homemade spicy potato chips. This is very easy recipe firstly potatoes are soaked in water and then deep-fried in oil and seasoned with some secret ingredients 😉\r\n\r\nHomemade spicy and yummy potato chips\r\n

Ingredients to prepare spicy and yummy potato chips

\r\nHere is the complete list of ingredients:-\r\n\r\n1 4 medium-sized potatoes(Thinly sliced)\r\n\r\n2 Salt(as per your taste)\r\n\r\n3 Red chilly powder(1 tablespoon)\r\n\r\n4 Oil(1 cup)\r\n\r\n5 Garlic powder(1 tablespoon)\r\n\r\n6 Tomato powder(2 tablespoons)\r\n\r\n7 Onion powder(2 tablespoons)\r\n

How you made garlic, tomato and onion powder

\r\n1. Take some garlic cloves to peel them. Put these garlic cloves into a dry the pan in the oven in a 130-degree to dry. grind the dry garlic in a blender.\r\n\r\n2. Wash the tomatoes first. cut them into thin slices. Dehydrate at 130-degree. Put the dried tomato into the grinder to grind until powder.\r\n\r\n3. Cut the onion into the thin slices. Dehydrate them until dry. Put the dried onion into the grinder to grind in a fine powder.\r\n

Directions to fry potato chips

\r\nFirst, wash the potatoes. After washing peel off, then cut them into thin slices. Now put them into cold water. After that drain out the potato slices from water and soak them into the salty water. let them dry.  For frying pour some oil into the pan(kadhai). Heat the oil for deep fry. Put the potato slices one by one in small batches into the pan on medium flame until golden. Sprinkle the red chili powder, garlic powder, tomato powder and onion powder on them and stir chips finely. Now your spicy and yummy potato chips are ready to serve ☺️.\r\n\r\nI hope you like my homemade spicy and yummy potato chips recipe thank you.